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Press Release for La Musique
March 13, 2016|Uncategorized

Press Release for La Musique


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In an industry dominated by big players, independent developer makes space for a beautiful Music Player.

La Musique launched in July 2014, has more than 3 million downloads

LUCKNOW, India—In an app category crowded with offerings from major corporations Ankit Srivastava was able to create one of the most popular apps while just being a college student by keeping his design and interface simple and beautiful. 

Srivastava launched La Musique, a music player app that features straightforward controls and a stylish UI with a blurred glass look, in July 2014 and has seen more than 3.5 million downloads since then. When he built the app he was looking for a beautiful music player for his Android smartphone, and his search produced nothing but an idea—he should make one himself.

“While searching for music players, thousands of them came up,” he said. “I noticed many of them had over a million installs, which made me realize that so many people try out music players. I decided to make an app with a simple idea, a huge demand and not just a beautiful and easy to use app, but one of the best in the market.”

That was an ambitious task, given the number of other music player apps and the fact that many of them are created by large companies or well-known developers. Srivastava, on the other hand, was a new app developer and didn’t have an existing following. He was able to build a base of fans by making a player that met his needs and seeing how it might be able to meet the needs of others, as well.

The result was an app that is not only popular and useful, but that some users say is better than the player that comes standard with many phones. The most amazing feature being multi selection of files to delete or play them or to create playlists.

“La Musique is easy to use and does better than Samsung’s stock player,” one user wrote in a review.

More information about La Musique is available on the Google Play app store at





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